The Pizza Model: Guest Blogging at Literary Jam & Toast

QOTD: What’s your favorite type of pizza? Note your choice of special toppings, type of cheese and the thickness of crust. ;) 

Happy Monday, everyone! Today, I’m guest blogging over at Literary Jam & Toast ,a blog by Miss Mia Hayson on writing and zombies and glitter, about The Pizza Model. What is The Pizza Model, you ask? You’ll have to visit to find out! 

Come join in on the fun and let’s talk about PIZZA! I mean, who doesn’t love pizza? :) 

Special thanks to Mia Hayson for having me as a fellow guest blogger. Follow her for your daily dose of writing tips, cool stories and laughter!

One response to “The Pizza Model: Guest Blogging at Literary Jam & Toast”

  1. Jeremy Bates says:

    Is that pizza hehehehe….

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