Happy Valentine’s: Making the Best Out of a Hallmark Holiday

QOTD: What are your thoughts on V-Day? Is this a special time for everyone to tell their loved ones how much they care, or is Valentine’s just another Hallmark holiday?

Happy Valentine’s Day! <3 Bought myself a pretty paper rose :)

You can be sure that love was in the air today–all over campus. Students of all types of organizations were selling merchandise in the Pit: Purple-dyed carnations, candy, pink-and-red hearts, paper roses, chocolate-covered strawberries, the works. And it seemed as though there were more couples than usual holding hands and cuddling together. I even spotted one couple behind the dining hall, nuzzling against each other with their noses touching. I forgot to say “AWWW!” as I passed by. Oops…then again, they probably wouldn’t have wanted me to interrupt. 

I have the biggest urge to make an “LOLOL FOREVER ALONE” joke right now but I shall refrain. Honestly, Valentine’s Day really isn’t that bad. I mean, if we’re going to have holidays about loving our mommies and daddies and loving our presidents and loving no school presents (that’s what Christmas is all about, right?), then it totally makes sense to have a holiday dedicated to love in general. And it really can be fun. It can be as fun as you make it.

Besides, who says Valentine’s is just for couples to enjoy? I bought a red paper rose this morning from one of those merchandise booths at the Pit, and you can bet I got it for myself! My mood instantly skyrocketed after that. Having the independence, the will and the money to treat myself to a small gift was so much more awesome than anxiously expecting someone else to do that for me, and I him. The thing is, before you can learn to love someone else you gotta’ learn how to love yourself first. I also bought one of my great friends a pink rose, which made her really happy — and made my day even better!

After classes, I spent my afternoon tutoring adorable elementary and middle school-aged kids at an after-school program. We provided them with snacks (yes, candy too), a duo step show and art supplies to make Valentines for the local children’s hospital. As cliche as it sounds, spending my time helping others is, I think, the most special part of this holiday for me.

Best of all, throughout the day I have received really sweet messages from my awesome sister and friends. I am really too lucky to have these people in my life. And here I am now, letting myself enjoy a crunchy-delicious apple with Nutella before I finish off the night with a free-writing session and the latest episode of Glee. On Valentine’s Day, what could be better?

8 responses to “Happy Valentine’s: Making the Best Out of a Hallmark Holiday”

  1. chex says:

    This is so great, Wendy! In Singapore, we write personalized notes and bring chocolates to everyone in the class. This is in high school, not just elementary school lol.
    Sending lots of love to you,

  2. Stephen Tremp says:

    Thanks for stopping by Lydia’s blog and giving such a detailed comment! Its much appreciated. Have a great weekend.

  3. I love any sort of ‘holiday’. Makes life a bit more exciting and causes us to stop and think about who we have in our lives (well, that’s what it does for me anyway!)

    Great blog by the way, I am now following xx

  4. Talli Roland says:

    Very wise thoughts here – you definitely have to make yourself happy first. I love that paper rose!

  5. It sounds like you had a great Valentine’s Day. :)

  6. Hopeful Life says:

    I love your blog and subscribed to your blog so that every time an update happens on your blog, I get wind of it. Just got a chance to see this entry, and I totally agree with you about the true meaning of Valentine’s day. Glad you had a great day and learned that you have a healthy relationship with yourself before you can have one with another! Love the entry!

  7. i think V-Day is definitely a Hallmark type of holiday, but that doesn’t really take anything away from it in my opinion. it’s just a good way to remind people to do something special for the ones they love. :)

  8. Jeremy Bates says:

    Your so cute!!!;)

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