Happy Bliggity Birthday: The Best of the Blog Year 2

QOTD: What is your favorite type of sinful cake, the cake that you only eat when you feel really wicked? (Mine is red velvet! Mm…yummy)

Happy Sunday, everybody! It is a very grey day here in North Carolina, but I am in a spirited mood and am so excited to say that it’s TRA’s Blog Birthday/Anniversary! Can’t believe I’ve kept up this blog for two years already…I guess when you’re having fun and loving what you write about, time flies. 

I’ve been sifting through this past year’s blog posts and thought I’d share with you TRA’s Top 10 highlights. 

Your Ultimate Journaling Guide Part #1 and Part #2

As promised, I have finally launched a new feature of the TRA blog site. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing: Double Check Editing Services! This is a sort of thank you to all of my friends, family members and blog friends for the constant support and encouragement I’ve received throughout the years. It is also a part of my commitment to helping others find their own writing style and literary success. Enjoy!

Here’s to another year full of blogfests, literary frenzies and adventures! Happy Birthday, TRA blog!

3 responses to “Happy Bliggity Birthday: The Best of the Blog Year 2”

  1. congrats on the new feature and on the 2nd birthday of TRA!


  2. Jeremy Bates says:

    Congrats.. keep on pushing..

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