The Best of The Blog in 2010 + Rate & Review TRA Poll

Question of the Day: What are you doing to celebrate New Year’s Day? Did you count down and watch the ball drop on television?

I’ve compiled a list of the blog’s ten best entries in the year 2010! Feel free to share your own favorite blog post of TRA in comments below!

From oldest to newest….

Rate & Review TRA Poll

After blogging for a year, I still can’t get enough of it! I am slowly beginning to expand this blog by adding more features and links that I hope you will find beneficial and helpful for you.

Here’s your chance to let me know how I’m doing! It would be wonderful if you could take a few minutes to participate in this poll. It would definitely help me out and let me see what I can add in future posts to make TRA blog for the better.

What would you like to see more of on TRA?

  • Photography and visual elements
  • more about TRA, who she is, and personal entries
  • writing advice and literary works
  • tutorials and how-to posts
  • bits and pieces of randomness

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In addition, please let me know:

1) What would you like to see less of, if anything?
2) Are there any particular topics (recent current events, debatable politics, gardening, the writing process, etc.) you’d like me to write about in future posts?
3) How do you like the layout? Should I change it? If so, how?
4) Any specific resources, links, or non-literary things (like polls and quizzes) you’d like me to add?
5) Any suggestions or overall comments

I would truly appreciate your feedback! The poll will be up for a month so you can have a while to make your decision. Thanks so much for being such a loyal follower/reader! Happy New Year!

2 responses to “The Best of The Blog in 2010 + Rate & Review TRA Poll”

  1. Becca. says:

    great list!!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

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