No Kiss Blogfest: The Day Chloe Gets Her Smooch….well, Almost!

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Hurray! Frankie is hosting her 2nd annual No Kiss Blogfest, in which all participants should post an entry from a book/movie scene involving an almost-kiss! How could I not sign up? Kissing scenes are so fun, but almost-kissing scenes are as intense to read as it is to write them! Of course, I just had to pick the scene from Smallville’s finale in Season 1 where Chloe finally gets to go to the spring formal with Clark Kent. As some of you already know, I am a total Superman fan. :) During the first big half of the series, even though Clark’s drama with Lana keeps our attention at a max, we still can’t help but hope for “Chlork” to happen

Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville. The series belongs to the Alfred Gough and Miles Millar.

The Day Chloe Gets Her Smooch…well, Almost!

The jamming music of Remy Zero drums and guitars suddenly eased to a slow, mellow tempo. The soft tunes of Perfect Memory began to fill up the gym. My jaw dropped and I uttered to my girlfriends in surprise, “Oh my gosh, I love this song!”
In the near distance, I could see him walking towards me, his eyes fixed on mine. Yes, there he was in all his beauty and perfection. Clark Kent. My friends melted away into the shadows as he came approached me with that huge, goofy grin of his.
“May I have this dance?” He said, hooking his arm around mine. Even as he said those words, I still couldn’t believe that this was real. Was it all just a dream? Or was it truly a dream turning into a reality? I couldn’t begin to count how many times I had imagined this moment.
“Of course,” I replied, not able to stop myself from smiling up at him. Perhaps it was the way Clark was looking at me, but I somehow knew that it was him who had requested the song. As we walked to the middle of the dance floor, he touched my hand, the one that was woven around his arm. The incredible warmth of his fingers seemed to send a jolt through my body. I couldn’t help but bring my other hand up to clasp those fingers that had held me, and saved me, so many times in the past.
We laced through the millions of couples that were slow-dancing, and a few of them were even in a lip lock. Seeing those couples together made my heart pound….would that be us in a few moments?
Clark pulled me close to him, and I put my hands around his wide, muscular shoulders. He was still the sweet, farm boy I’d always known, but here was a side of him I’d never seen before.
“Clark Kent, man of mystery,” I said. “Just when I think I have you figured out, you surprise me.”
“How’s that?” He asked, his eyebrows scrunching up together.
“The song…the tux….Tonight.”
“And I’m still here,” Clark pointed out.
“Yeah, you are.” He was right. He was still here, just like I’d hoped, just like he’d promised. He was here with me, not with Lana or anyone else. Clark was here with me, and we were together.
He held me closer, and I wound my hands around him to close the embrace. I bent my head down and could feel his cheek pressed against my hair. I’d done this so much in the past…his body was so familiar to me. But during all those other times that I’d hugged him, Clark had been my best friend, and I had been his.
This time, it was so much more different and nerve-wrecking and exciting. For the first time, I was letting myself open up to him and show those feelings that I’d held within me for so long. I’d liked, even loved, Clark for so long. Ever since I knew him. How many times had he saved me from peril? I didn’t know how he’d been able to do it, and I still didn’t know now. For once, it didn’t matter to me. He was, and had always been, my own personal superhero. And I knew now that he cared for me. That was what mattered.
I wrapped my hands around him, holding all the more tighter. I didn’t want this night to ever, ever end.
Clark gently pulled back, and I looked up at him. His nose was inches from mine, and I could see his chocolate-brown eyes moving across my face, from my eyes to my lips. Oh gosh, this was it! Clark was finally going to kiss me.
My heart thudded faster and harder than the wings of a hummingbird. He tilted his head to the side, and so did I. I closed my eyes, waiting for the moment I’d been waiting for for years. Just before his mouth touched mine, the loud piercing sound of a microphone interrupted.
“Stop! Stop the music for the just a moment please. Uh, can I have everyone’s attention please,” the dance coordinator said from the stage. “Uh thank you. The National Weather Services just issued a tornado warning. Apparently three funnels have been spotted heading towards Smallville.” Clark and I exchanged worried glances.
“Now, please everyone stay calm,” the man continued. “The twisters are gonna set down south from here. For your own safety, nobody will be allowed to leave the gym.”
“The bus station’s south from town,” said Clark. His eyes widened in alarm. “Lana’s there.”
My heart plummeted all the way down to the depths of my stomach. I found myself shaking my head. “Clark don’t worry about it…I’m sure she’s home by now.” Was I saying that to keep him clam, or to convince myself? “You know what, I’ll go call her on my cell and you wait here, okay?”
I immediately spun around to retrieve my purse from the gym doorway, but something in my mind whispered for me to look back to make sure my dream-come-true was still there, and would surely be waiting for me even after I got back.
I turned and, sure enough, Clark had pulled one of his signature disappearances. I looked this way and that, so fast that everything was a blur. No, no, this wasn’t happening, I thought to myself in panic. He promised. He’d promised me he would stay with me.
People pushed by me, confused and shocked and nervous. None of them were Clark Kent.
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14 responses to “No Kiss Blogfest: The Day Chloe Gets Her Smooch….well, Almost!”

  1. Devin Bond says:

    This is really good. I’ve never watched Smallville, but it’s definitely nice getting inside on of the character’s head and really getting into the scene.

    A tornado is definitely one way of stopping a kiss!

  2. Tessa Conte says:


    I’m not a smallville watcher, either (stopped after the first few episodes), but this is cool!!!

  3. Jessica Lei says:

    Awe, I feel sorry for the girl! Never watched Smallville, but I always found (what I saw of) Lana and Clark’s relationship adorable. I had no idea there was a Chloe. AND now I feel bad for this Chloe :(

  4. gideon 86 says:

    Good piece of fanfic. Nice imagery and good tension.


  5. Aww poor Chloe! What a fun scene:)

  6. J.C. Martin says:

    I like how you turned the scene into your own fanfiction! Well done!

  7. Oh, that was painful to read…I felt all that angst.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  8. Summer Ross says:

    Great imagery, I liked the tension.

  9. Dang those superheroes and their broken promises. Do they have to save the world every time??? Very sad when she turned and he was gone.

  10. Very well done! I watched Smallville just a bit in the beginning but Lana bugged me. I was always rooting for Chloe. I wish she had managed to get that one kiss. *sigh*

  11. Amalia T. says:

    Ahhh. To dance with Superman even before he’s superman would be awesome! I feel so bad for Chloe every time Clark pulls one of those fast ones in the early seasons of smallville. She is so much awesomer than Lana!

  12. Loralie Hall says:

    I remember this episode – great job translating it to the page – very intense :-)

  13. Lydia K says:

    Great fanfic! I don’t read any very often, so this was a treat!

  14. This was so well written. I’ve seen snatches of episodes, so I haven’t a clue who is who (apart from CK of course!)
    I loved the line about “my own personal superhero”
    Really enjoyed this.

    :Dom (My No Kiss)

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