Taking It Easy

Question of the Day: What is your one love, your ultimate passion?

I will be out of town today.
Waking up late [Daylight Savings!].
Catching up on homework.
Blogging it up.
Writing my special project (2.5k/50k)
Drawing a red angel.
Eating a classic Marie Callender dish.
Texting with my Razr.
Taking photos for my next blog post.
Hitting some piano keys.
Creating a care package.
Celebrating Pi Day!!
Jamming to my iPod.
Forming mini stories in my mind.
Being me.
Being productive.

~Have a lovely Sunday! ~


4 responses to “Taking It Easy”

  1. so much of our lives is spent taking photos for our blog posts, lol. thanks for commenting on my post! i’m glad you like my dress.


  2. Diya says:

    hrm… ultimate passion… hard to name just one but I guess either my two siblings or my boyfriend!

    PS. check out my blog:

  3. Cheryl – Haha, true. :] I think it’s just as important to write out a blog post as it is to provide visuals to accompany that post hehe. Especially for the audience. And no problem, I enjoy reading!

    Diya – lol I suppose I should’ve clarified my question…I actually meant a certain hobby or talent that you especially enjoy. Like my passion, my love is writing. :D

  4. By the way, Diya, I am unable to visit your blog! D: For some reason it says that IE cannot open the site…but I was able to catch a glimpse of it, and it looks amazing!

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