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Question of the Day: What is your stance on global warming?
There is something about nature that always produces a calming effect on me and makes me feel at peace with the world.
Whenever I am feeling particularly angry, impatient, melancholy, or other sensitive human feeling, taking a nice walk outside always helps me calm down and find happiness again. Next time you feel the need for some alone time, go Walden. Take a drive and go out to the countryside. You will find a beauty in nature that you cannot find anywhere else, for nothing else can be more pure or genuine.
We owe nature so much. It has provided us for years with medicines, shelters, and other essentials needed for survival. There is so much we can learn, for nature holds infinite more secrets than your own ears can. All aspects of nature contributes to a process that repeats itself throughout the course of history. It is consistent. It is dangerous, and it is beautiful.

If we all took some time to truly heighten our senses and take a good look around us, we might find personal insight, motivation, and happiness in nature by simply knowing that nature is good and pure. And real. How could you not be awed by the magic of life?

A family of gorgeous cherry blossoms. These are my favorite species of trees.


A cloudburst of rain. It was raining cats and dogs over by the mountains of LiJiang, China, but where I was located [within a canoe boat floating on the lake] there wasn’t a drop of rain.

A rock forest in KunMing, China. Can you believe all of that was created naturally?

Unfortunately, I do not know what these species of flowers are called. :( If you do please let me know! I think they are really beautiful and unique.

On a driving tour of San Diego Zoo. By twilight.

Morning hours. San Diego. Overlooking the North Pacific Ocean.

This responsible rhinocerous [San Diego Zoo] proves that humans and animals alike all have some similarities that will never change.

Have you ever seen a more friendly-looking animal? Me neither…you can be sure that I smiled right back at Mr. Dolphin!

Flamingos and ducks. I wish my life was that chill. :P
Somewhere over the rainbow, Wendy flies! [I wish]
So true.

Diamondhead, Hawai’i. I will never forget this view.
*I took all of these photos with my own camera throughout the past couple of years. They all belong to me. Hope you enjoyed!!

7 responses to “Go Walden”

  1. Rizzle says:

    WOW! Those are some great pics :) I esp like the rock forest. That’s really amazing :D hard to believe that happened naturally.

  2. Wow! I love your blogs, you’re an amazing photographer!! :D
    You’re right, there’s so much nature has to offer to us while we are not even concerned…
    All we want is more people to be aware, but i just hope that happens… :)

  3. Thank you very much, Rizzle and Chocolatelover! :) I agree with you Choco, I hope it happens too, and soon! D:

  4. great photos! i’ve been to the san diego zoo and it was really nice. right now, i have a nice balcony and the view gives me peace. this post is right on.


  5. and also, check out my blog. i gave you an award!


  6. Taj Acosta says:

    Great blog! I just found you on Oh to Be a Muse. Global warming is definitely on my mind, especially living in L.A.! xoxo

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