National Poetry Month: Reading Between the Lines

QOTD: Share your favorite poem with us! What’s the name, the poet and the reason why that poem is your favorite?

So a friend of mine showed me a book of poetry today called Leaving Saturn by Major Jackson, and I remembered – it’s National Poetry Month! I haven’t been doing a very good job with keeping up with the time and date because at this point it feels like the days are all blended together what with the end of the semester, but I knew I couldn’t not blog about this–even if the post is short!

Now I’ve never been very good at writing poetry, but I sure love to read it! Poetry’s got fewer words than prose, yet can have so much meaning embedded within the lines. Some of my favorite poets have been: Edgar Allen Poe, Shel Silverstein, E.E. Cummings, Oscar Wilde and, of course, Emily Dickinson.

So here is some simple but sweet poetry for your thoughts:

In honor of final exam season for students…don’t give up! We’re almost done…

For those who are afraid to speak up…

and this is for anyone who loves them some Seuss (even though technically The Lorax isn’t a poem):

What do these poems mean to you?

(Challenge: Write a simple haiku with the classic 5-7-5 syllable meter that features a hummingbird. Share with us in comments below!)

6 responses to “National Poetry Month: Reading Between the Lines”

  1. I love poetry, too. I just haven’t read any poetry lately, but this is a good reminder to take a break from life and books and just indulge myself with beautiful poems. Thanks!

  2. Love the 2nd stanza in the Emily Dickinson poem a lot. Thanks for sharing these! I used to be really into poetry.

    Btw – you can find a lot of those ring bracelets on Etsy or eBay.

  3. Ewan McLeish says:

    OK, always up for a challenge – here’s my haiku on a humming bird. It’s a start, anyway!

    Humming bird

    See the humming bird,
    She hovers in empty space,
    Held on threads of air.

  4. Ewan McLeish says:

    Thank you! It was a nice idea, Wendy.

  5. Ewan McLeish says:

    Hope you get some more….

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