My Latest Obsession: “Brown Satchel” from Mossimo Supply Co.

QOTD: Would you rather indulge on an airplane ticket to the Bahamas or on a brand new iPad?

What you see to the left is my trusty, old handbag of 10,896 years (just about). My bag officially retired from its carrying duties yesterday. I got a little teary, especially since I’ve had it such a long time, but I felt it was finally time for us both to  move on. *sniffle* You have served me well, dearest blue-floral-satchel! 

I went shopping this past weekend to find the perfect new handbag – which is always really, really hard. A handbag needs to have just the right amount of pattern and solid color. It has to have a lot of pockets. It also needs to be big enough to put a couple of books in. The chemistry between me and my handbag also has to be strong. We can’t get tired of each other too fast, you know. 

But more often than not, when I do find something that I like I get really attached and I know that bag is the one for me! Which is what happened when I set my eyes on this baby yesterday: 

Brown Satchel with Festive Inserts
Mossimo Supply Co., $30
Photo Credit: Wendy Lu

I have become a huge fan of brown leather and imitations lately. My sister has a purse made of faux brown leather too and it’s gawjuss. It just both looks and feels good, and this handbag in particular has a little bit of everything – three pockets (on the inside), a colorfully lined pattern reminiscent of weaving looms and simple leather bows on either side of the handles.

One of the best things about this bag that first caught my eye was the thick braid in the front. It’s so unique and convenient! I can’t tell you how many times I have needed to reach into my purse and grab something–only to get irritated while fumbling with the clasp or zipper. Now, all I have to do is flip the braid!

Throw in the feather, and I might as well be a hipster. Just kidding. Check out the satchel here for more details and other similar handbags that are perfect for spring fashion.  

5 responses to “My Latest Obsession: “Brown Satchel” from Mossimo Supply Co.”

  1. Finding the perfect purse is like making a new friend–I completely understand!

  2. lol, love your dos equis ad!

    Yes, the right bag is hard to find so I’m glad you absolutely found the perfect satchel.

    It’s really adorable, and I love the leather bows on the side as well. That’s my kind of style. :)

  3. Btw, I would choose the plane ticket to the Bahamas! I really want an island vacay right about now.

  4. That’s great! I’m so glad you found something that would work. I was also on the lookout for a new bag. Something that would fit the necessary items along with my camera, sketchbook, notebook (both on the small side), pencil and pen holder. I hate shopping so I found a pattern, some fabric and I’m going to ask a friend to make it for me. Yeah, I could do it but it would take a long time and I have other sewing to do. Have a great week.

  5. Becca. says:

    you really can’t beat some new nail polishes! and your brown satchel is gorgeeeeeeeous!

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

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