Happy (belated) Easter 2010!

Question of the Day: What did you do for Easter 2010?

Good day! Whether you spent the day attending your Church, having a plastic egg hunt for your children, cooking up a storm for a large dinner, or all of the above, I hope everybody had a lovely little Easter. =)

I am a little old to have an Easter egg hunt, but I was eager to incorporate eggs into a new Easter tradition yesterday. I try to go all out for holidays, you see. So yesterday my sister and I made scrambled eggs for the family!

I just have to say that Velveeta Cheese is one of the most amazing cheeses on Earth. Especially if you cook it in your macaroni…or your eggs, of course! We don’t have an egg beater, so we use chopsticks to do the job, and it’s pretty quick and easy!

Above, you can see this is the 2nd batch of eggs we beat up. Even though I’ve had my camera for over three years, it still takes lovely pictures as clear as crystal! :D So yeah, this is how we beat up our eggs with chopsticks.

I usually use this special steel pan of mine to cook scrambled eggs (it has magical powers that makes my eggs particularly fluffy and eggy), but sadly it was already dirty in the sink so we just used this pan. It still turned out very well, as you will see in later pictures! We put a little too much oil, but hey, bring on the oily eggs! xP

I dunno how you guys fix your eggs, but I like to put Velveeta cheese in mine!

Yum, yum…ooey gooey egg!

Finally, our scrambled eggs begin to actually look like, well, scrambled eggs. Altogether we cooked four eggs with melted cheese.

This is my plate! The finished product consisted of: Scrambled eggs with melted cheese inside, spiced up with Garlic Salt and other various herbs in our kitchen cabinet. Two slices of honey ham on the side. There’s also some toast but that was on a separate dish.

On a side note, I am now on spring break! :D I will not be going anywhere for spring break, so that gives me more time to blog and write and eat [and read that little passage about Nigeria for my AP Government class]! Mwuahahahaaa. Have a good day. :)


*All pictures here were taken by me, Wendy, and my sister.

2 responses to “Happy (belated) Easter 2010!”

  1. hannah says:

    yum breakfast!

  2. Becca. says:

    happy belated easter to you too! :)
    thankyou for the comment on my blog!
    looks like a yummy breakfast!

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