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Question of the Day: What do you enjoy the most about springtime?

I apologize for my lack of bliggity blogging* the past few days. I have finally decided what I want to do with my life! After much pondering and discussing with my family, I have chosen which university I would be attending for the next four years of my life. HURRAY! Thus, my little transition into college has officially started, but it’s come with A LOT of To-Do’s.

I will be majoring in Journalism & Mass Communication and minoring in Psychology.

I will also be a premedical student.

I hope to become a gastrointestinal doctor as well as journalist for either a cultural magazine, a healthy living magazine (maybe Self!), and/or a medical journal.

It’s the busy life for me! :]

Since I chose my pathway, I have had to work on several things, including registration for orientation, registration for housing, registration for my very last SAT Test (Subject Test: Level 2), and pre-planning of my classes for next year. It’s been a load of work, but I’ve gotten a lot out of the way so I feel like I deserve to take some time and blog more now!

I have also been working on my super duper special writing project! I have finished two sections of it in one week, which really makes me happy. Even though I still have at least ten or so sections to go, two sections is already a big chunk! A spoonful of encouragement and a dash of Go Wendy’s! would be loved. :)

In addition, I attended an International Festival today in the town commons, which was a lot of fun! Sadly, I did not take any photos because I didn’t think the owners of the different tents would let me. But I’d be glad to illustrate the festival to you!

  • There was a lot of interesting food, ranging from Chinese to Greek to Indian to Polish cuisine! I decided on Indian food and ate some delicious Chicken Curry and Naan. If you’ve never had Indian food before, you must try some!
  • Many performances took place in the amphitheatre right smack in the middle of the town commons area. Most of them were cultural instrumental, dancing, and singing. It was pretty neat!
  • Lots and lots of homemade goodies were being sold in the various tents! I saw a lot of amazing jewelry handmade with the most beautiful glass and wooden beads I’ve ever seen before. I wish I could’ve taken pictures to show you all! I did not buy anything but the Indian food, however.
  • The festival lasted from 10am to 4pm. My mom helped out in the Chinese tent! I was able to hang out with my boyfriend and some of our other friends from school that we ran into.
  • It was a ton of fun. =D

Tomorrow I will be blogging a detailed pro-con post about China’s one-child policy. My next post after that will be about the amazing Self Magazine! Stay tuned! As always, thanks for reading.


*The term “bliggity blog” is from 350 Lights.

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  1. i majored in journalism. let me know how that works out for you. :)

    i love the pretty, pretty colors that just scream springtime!.


  2. Makeup by Kim Porter says:

    Good luck with college. I remember the excitement I had right before I started. Make the best of it & do your best.


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