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One Week Until…Season 10 of Smallville Begins!

Question of the Day: Who is YOUR superhero?

For those of you who have followed my blog for a long while (and I appreciate that!), you probably know that my favorite show is Smallville and that my favorite superhero of all time is indeed Clark Kent, aka Superman. Just a brief 1-phrase summary, Smallville is about Clark Kent growing up (from childhood to adolescence to early adulthood) and how he came to be who he is today: The Man of Steel.

This television series first started out as a WB show and is now hosted by The CW. It was actually my sister who discovered Smallville in 2000, and now…ten years later, the very last season is about to begin on September 24th. 8pm.

EEK!!! No words can express the excitement as well remorse mixing and mingling within me during these final days leading up to Season 10.