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Tessa’s Blogontest: Outside the Box

Question of the Day: When was the last time you overcame your fears or stepped out of your comfort zone?

Kudos to the lovely Tessa of Tessa’s Blurb, who is hosting a “Blogontest: Outside My Box.” Entrants are to post a short piece of writing that they usually are not used to writing. Since I write original fiction most of the time, I’ve decided to share with you all Chapter 1-3 of a fanfiction piece that I have been working on in my spare time when I decide to take a little break from my WIP novel. The fanfiction is based on J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding world and stars The Marauders and Lily Evans (way back before Harry Potter was even born).

Let me know what you all think! If you are interested in reading the rest of what I have so far, you can view it HERE.

“How Dumbledore REALLY Died” Mad Lib Contest + Winner Announced!!!

Question of the Day: Share a website that’s in your Favorites folder and why you like/follow that particular site.

For those of you who have already seen HP & Deathly Hallows, I am deeply jealous of you. All I’ve been hearing are good things about it….actually, that’s an understatement. It sounds REALLY awesome! I cannot WAIT to watch it on Friday with one of my dearest friends, *Miss Redhead, whom I have not seen since August.

Aaaaaand now, time for the winner of our Potter Parade Mad Lib Contest: Just Another Sarah! Her blog, The Wit & Wisdom of Another Sarah talks about a variety of topics, but ultimately focuses on writing and literature. She has been blogging since 2007, woohoo! =)

Just a reminder, a mad lib is a word game in which certain words are picked to fill in a paragraph template to produce coherent sentences. In my previous post, I asked you all to make a list of 10 words in these categories:

1) Present tense verb
2) A type of food (either Muggle or magical)
3) An adjective starting with D
4) The name of a body part
5) A Harry Potter character
6) A magical creature
7) Something you love
8) A Number
9) A spell or charm
10) Noun

After tossing the names in a hat, Sarah’s was randomly chosen, and this is what was come up with after I filled in the blanks.

~*Potter Parade: Mad Lib Contest – How Dumbledore REALLY Died*~

What time is it? POTTER TIME! There is…

15 Hours Left Until Harry Potter #7 Comes Out


Okay…I have a confession. I won’t be seeing HP&DH until next Friday. =( I know, it’s a bummer. But it’ll be during Thanksgiving break AAAND I’m seeing it with my best friend AAAND by then we will have a better chance of getting tickets. You can be sure that I’ll be doing a review on the movie after I see it!

So basically…ALL over Facebook a good 40% of my social networking pals have Harry Potter-related statuses. Here are just a few really entertaining ones…

“All this hype about Harry Potter is pretty contagious…”
“Harry Friggin’ Potter!”

“….getting my HP on”


“Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow, turn this stupid fat rat yellow”


~*Potter Parade: Harry Potter News, Links + Extra Trinkets*~

Question of the Day: If you could be any Magical Creature (ex: thestral, unicorn, Doxy, hippogriff, etc.), what would you want to be and why?

They stuff people’s heads down the toilet the first day at Stonewall. Want to come upstairs and practice?” –Dudley Dursley

No thanks. The poor toilet’s never had anything as horrible as your head down it — it might be sick.” –Harry Potter, Book 1

3 Days Until Harry Potter #7 Part 1

Because I will be a hosting my Harry Potter contest tomorrow, I thought I’d make today’s post rather “chill” and laid-back.

First, major news! The cast of Harry Potter got together in London last Thursday on November 11 for their premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. They look absolutely stunning! Emma Watson’s pixie ‘do still shocks me…I don’t think I can ever get over it after all those years of seeing her “bush” Hermione-Grangery mane. Ohh, without a doubt, our beloved HP characters are truly growing up…


~*Potter Parade: Happy Veterans/Marauders & Potter Palooza

Question of the Day: Who do you think you would most likely be best friends with from the Wizarding world?

“Oh are you a Prefect, Percy?”
“You should have told us, we had no idea!”“—Hang on, I think I remember him saying something about it, once…”“Or twice.”“A minute.”“All summer…”

-Fred & George Weasley, Book 1

7 Days Until Harry Potter #7 Part 1

HAPPY VETERANS DAY!! At least in the Muggle World. I suppose in the Wizarding World today would be HAPPY MARAUDERS DAY!! Thank you so much to those who have fought to protect our great country of America, and thank you to those who have constantly braved battles against You-Know-Who.

Sadly I still have class today, even though pretty much every high school, middle school, and elementary school has closed in honor of this holiday. Heck, I’m sure that even Hogwarts has cancelled classes. Alas, us college people must have no time to lose and must continue to toil away in our lectures and recitations. In fact, I had a film analysis due today, which is why I did not get to publish a PPP (Potter Parade post) yesterday. GAR!

Well, in other news, I went to a spectacular event called ~*PoTtEr PaLoOzA*~ last night at the Union building! It was sponsored by one of our biggest activity-hosting organizations. They had a real Quidditch game (yes, we have a Quidditch team at our school!), Trivia Contest, Costume Competition, and yummy eats in “The Great Hall”! Here are just a few pictures from the event…


~*Potter Parade: Potter Puppet Pals*~

Question of the Day: What is your favorite magical sweet from the Wizarding World?

“Nobody’s asked me to a party before, as a friend! Is that what you dyed your eyebrow, for the party? Should I do mine too?” –Luna Lovegood, Book Six


Yes, I am waiting for my letter to Hogwarts. No, I do not like licorice wands. I like Chocolate Frogs, thank you very much.