Ten Things You Don’t Know About Me

Question of the Day: Twilight or Harry Potter or neither? (Yes, I just had to bring this subject up, hehe)

Happy Wednesday–no, no, I mean Thursday, everybody! :D This always happens during the summertime. Now that I don’t have school and other activities (sluggish Mondays, Piano Lesson Tuesdays, you get the idea) to distinguish my days between weekdays and weekends, they just all sort of blend together. Now, I have to look twice on the calendar to know what day it is. Do you guys have this problem too when you’re on vacation?

Today feels like a pretty chillax day, so I’m going to keep this post equally laid-back and devote it to letting you guys get to know me better. Thanks to Amanda Sablan for tagging me:

Ten Things You Don’t Know About Me:

1) I am a Gleek, a Twi-Hard, a Muggle-born witch boarding Platform 9 3/4, a High School Musical fan, a Pokemon fanatic (*cough* master *cough*).

2) This is going to be very hard to admit, but yes, I still play Neopets. I think I might’ve mentioned it before in my blog, but now I am saying it right out, loud and proud. I PLAY NEOPETS!!!

3) When I was about 5 years old, I broke my big bare toe on an exercise machine. I remember that it hurt like crap, but after the doctor took care of it I got a popsicle! :D

4) I have a really odd phobia against stickers and other wet or sticky paper. I also hate cigarette butts that stick to the sidewalk while it’s raining (aka wet paper).

5) My favorite Disney movie is “Beauty and the Beast.” Every time I watch the ending, I wanna go….D’Awwww!!! :)

6) When I was little, I wanted to be an archaeologist. Don’t ask.

7) I can type well over 100 words per minute.

8) I really really like Smallville and anything that has to do with Superman. Oh oops, you already knew that. T_T Darn. Okay, well I also enjoy watching “The Big Bang Theory.”

9) I write and draw comics in my spare time.

10) I own 6 goldfish, 1 betta fish and 2 red-ear slider turtles.

Now It’s Your Turn! I Tag…

Cheryl Clarke

2 responses to “Ten Things You Don’t Know About Me”

  1. Amanda Sablan says:

    Yet another award for you, Red! Hop on over to my blog to collect it! :D

    Harry Potter and Pokemon all the way!

    I would have a problem with knowing what day it is if it weren’t for my cell phone. One of the first things I see in the morning is the date. But I do love how every day feels like a Saturday!

    I’ve never actually broken or sprained anything, but I’ve definitely come close.

    100 words per minute?! Holy Jesus, you’re fast! My writing speed is about 60.

    It’s always nice to learn about your blogger buddies. :]

  2. gotta love glee!

    i’m doing this tag. and harry potter all the way.


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