“Summer Plannin’ Had Me a Blast”

QOTD: Who’s ready for summer?? 
(Hint: Everyone’s answer should be yes ;))

I meant to blog these past couple of weeks, but I literally haven’t had time for anything other than school, sleep and meals! I am shocked–and, honestly, fearful–of the fact that March is almost over. I feel like I am floating. I wish time and space would stop moving so that I could find a way to get my feet back on the ground. Sadly, things don’t work that way. Life moves so fast that it’s easy to forget who I am–going to class after class, meeting new people and saying goodbye to those who will soon start a new chapter of their own lives. I have to remember not to be left behind. 

Lately, I have been writing my current literary project, researching internships and looking for other opportunities for the summer and next semester. Should I stay in Chapel Hill for summer school, or spend time in Boston? Would I benefit from another trip to China, and if so, how can I make it valuable and different from all my other previous trips? Ahh, there are so many factors to consider!

My hair is getting really long :) 

I am also choosing my classes for the next two years and planning out how I want to live the rest of my college career. I tend to be rather detail-oriented, so it’s been a challenge to think of the big picture. What decisions should I make right now in order for me to be prepared for the future?

For instance, tomorrow my school is hosting Holi Moli, a wonderful Indian festival that celebrates the beauty of color and the coming of spring. Last year, I watched the whole thing and all I could think was, I want to be there in the crowd, painting. In the end, I chose not to buy a ticket for this year.

I decided that, for me, Holi Moli should be a really special event meant for junior year– which tends to be the year that epitomizes the best of college (like prom in high school junior year). If I went to Holi Moli the next three years, maybe it wouldn’t seem as special. Instead I’ll be watching, cheering and taking photographs at the event with friends and others. I can’t wait!

By the way, today in my Research Methods class our professor shared with us an excellent TED talk

Needless to say, I was motivated to start on my homework before opening Facebook when I got home! Watching this TED talk reminded me of what hard work will leave me, hopefully – an internship, hands-on experience in my field, a completed written book, knowledge about the way society works and, ultimately, lessons of a lifetime. 

How do you stay focused and keep your eye on the goal? What inspires you to stay motivated?

P.S. I went to the second annual Duke-UNC China Leadership Summit to learn more about the political and economic relationship between China and the US. I met so many intelligent, passionate students and learned so much about my culture! Did you know interpersonal relationships are one of the most valued things to Chinese people?

2 responses to ““Summer Plannin’ Had Me a Blast””

  1. I’m not quite ready for summer yet; 2012 feels like it’s zipping by!

    It sounds like you’re busy making plans.

    Thanks for sharing the video–I’ve heard about the experiment before, and it’s an interesting one.

  2. Love your hair and your plans. I can’t believe the year is going by so quickly myself. It’s kind of scary. I am always a work in progress and that keeps me grounded. I’ve got shows lined up, doll making classes I’ll be teaching this summer scheduled, and other things I can’t talk about right now.

    The thing that keeps me going is the thought that I’ll be able to live my life the way I want to. My time will be of my own making, not of someone else. That is an awesome feeling. Scary? More like terrifying but it’s beginning to feel great!

    Have a great day!

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