Our Year – Class of 2010

Question of the Day: What novel or other book have you read in the past that permanently changed you in some way?

I do not have enough time tonight to write a blog post from scratch, but expect one tomorrow! :) Meanwhile, here is a small segment of writing that I found under my old Facebook notes earlier on today. It is a little outdated, as the SAT portions are not relevant anymore (I took my last SAT in October 2009, hurray!) and Homecoming Week has passed by long ago. Nonetheless, it is still rather up-to-date, since it is only March and you have the rest of 2010 to make the beginning of a new decade shine your way. This Note is obviously directed towards a young audience of high schoolers, but the message can be applied to all. Enjoy!

Our Year 2010

A few months ago, I read this on my friend’s Facebook status: “It may not be my week, but it’s gonna be my year.” I was feeling rather lachrymose about life that day, but when I read those words, I realized that I didn’t HAVE to feel discouraged if I chose not to. Moaning over one day or even one week was okay as long as I didn’t moan over an entire year. What a waste of tears that would be, when I could be spending those tears on laughter instead at a friend’s house while playing Guitar Hero, or over a silly SAT word that seems to mean hooves with bees flying all around rather than benefit. Then again, it would probably be BEEHOOVE me to properly learn my SAT vocabulary as well as make this my year even if it isn’t my week.

We all have bad days. They are a part of life and one cannot go through life without having them. But every day does not have to be a bad day. Be curious. Take time to reflect on why this day was so bad and what can be done to make it better. Take a walk outside. Sing in the rain. Play chess with yourself so that you can guarantee a win. It’s our senior year. OUR year.

We’re the Class of 2010 and that’s never going to change. Our school has obviously implemented some new policies that may not be for the better, but we can still make this an amazing year. Homecoming Week, Prom, Graduation in June. It’s all going to be amazing, but in between then, do something to make this your year. Our year. Why not? Why not send in that Letter to the Editor to the school newspaper that you’ve been itching to submit since freshman year? Why not do a small random act of kindness that ends up making someone else’s day? Why not write a note to your favorite teacher, letting him know how much you loved AP Euro. Why not have a little faith in yourself and tutor someone in a subject you’re beastly at?

The feeling of knowing you helped someone be a better person, in whatever way, is priceless. So is that small “thank you” when they come and show you their first A+ in biology.

I try to open my eyes every morning and think of something creative to do that day. Something different, something bold. And now that I realize I have a limited number of days at home and in high school, now more than ever will I try to make this my year. I cannot wait to walk across that stage, receive my diploma, and know that it was us, the Class of 2010, that made our high school an even better place than it was before.


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