New Major…New Plan

Question of the Day: Do you believe in fate and everything happens for a reason, or do you believe we have more control over our lives than anything else?

My apologies for being MIA (Missing In Action) once again for the past few weeks. College has been tough, and since the last time I posted, my life has changed in these ways:

  • Changed my major from Psychology to…a double major in Psychology and Journalism!
  • Dropped Chemistry 101 because it was kicking my butt. And it hurt. :(
  • Made my first B in Chinese (*sadness*)
  • Went from being a Pre-Med student to, um, a non-Pre-Med. xD
  • Created and folded dumplings from scratch for the first time. And they turned out yummy. SUCCESS!
  • Smallville Season 10 began!
  • Subscribed to The News & Observer
  • Got on the staff of my college’s features magazine and wrote my very first article on…VEGANISM AND VEGETARIANISM!
  • Fell in love with writing once again

Now when I say “once again” I mean I’ve decided to put my all back into writing and have become totally and completely immersed within it. Once again. Before, I was only putting 50% of my passions into writing because I was also Pre-Med and trying to become a doctor. Then, after a revelation (basically, I got the exact same bad grade in Chem 101 Lecture and Lab) in which my awful grades in Science contrasted sharply with the joys I felt from writing for the features magazine and recent praises I received for my article made me realize that writing is what I’m meant to do…and no matter how much I try to deviate from that path, it will always pull me back in to where I belong.

As you can see, I pretty much went through a mid-first-year-of-college-crisis. XD But I think almost every college student goes through that “Undecided Major” mode…which makes me feel better and not so alone. =]

Since I am pretty much changing my life career after changing my college major, I’ve decided to revamp the way I blog. I know I am bad at goals and promises and such, but I assure you this blog plan will be one that I work towards a little bit each day. :D

My New Blog Plan:

1) This whole writing-a-big-post-every-few-weeks thing isn’t exactly what I call ideal, so now I’m going to post everyday or every other day…even if it’s something little like a quote or a single YouTube video or big like a list of 2010 Top SmartPhone Applications (*cough* coming up next! *cough*). :)

2) Create and update a Resources page for all you lovely readers. There will be different categories and under each will be websites and other blogs that I find very helpful are particularly interesting/intriguing. Sorry, I won’t be taking requests for right now.

3) Create and update a My Work page in which I’ll be showing you some work that I’ve done as well as a little information about my self-published book, Sophie.

4) Participate in blogfests. One of the greatest things about blogs is the blogging community and the fun you have getting to know other bloggers :) Plus, as an avid writer, blogfests sound soooo awesome! Hmm, maybe I will host one of my own as well…

At the end of the year, I’ll be posting a poll to find out what you’d like to see more of in my blog. Thanks to all of my readers, so much, for sticking with TRA blog!


2 responses to “New Major…New Plan”

  1. Lydia Kang says:

    You’re so organized with your plan! Congrats on getting so much done and making changes in your life. Premed isn’t for everyone and that’s OK– I hope you’re content in your heart with your decision!
    Take care, and have a great weekend!

  2. i’d like to participate in a blog fest myself. sounds like a good decision you’re making with the change of the your blog.

    i was a journalism major too. i know that you love to write, but i gotta tell ya, getting a journalism job after you graduate is super difficult. so i hope you are 100% in love with journalism. if you are just 100% in love with writing, i don’t think you need a journalism degree to fulfill your dreams.

    but congrats in making these big decisions so soon. i remember there were students who had undecided majors up until the midpoint of their sophomore year! so good for you. :)

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