Happy Thanksgiving!!! From Me, To You.

Dear readers, bliggity bloggers, and anybody else reading this,

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! I cannot believe we are already in the Turkey Day-Buy $50 Laptops Day-Shiny Lights & Hot Cocoa triangle….most of the time when Turkey Day comes ’round, my thoughts are on the food. My signature mac & cheese. Mom’s onion and carrot stuffing (and homemade crescent rolls. and dumplings). Dad’s lobster. My sister’s heavenly Tilapia. The Turkey. Oh my gosh, tomorrow night can’t come soon enough….!!!

A-hem. Anyway. I’d like to dedicate this post to everything that I’m thankful for. In no particular order…

1) Smartfood popcorn. Because of you, my life is better.

2) My boyfriend. Thanks for everything, you mean a lot to me.
3) Luna Lovegood. I appreciate how you aren’t afraid to be yourself and how you prove to the world that everyone has a quirky side to them and should be proud of who they are! In your honor, I am currently writing a piece of fanfiction about you. :)

4) Smallville. I’ve literally grown up with this show and it has definitely helped me get back up when I’ve always felt down. Sounds silly, I know…but if you’ve seen Smallville, you’ll most likely know what I mean. :)

5) My best friends and family. You’re the most special-ist things in my whole entire life. :D Thanks for always being there.

6) Pavi the amazing, super dupery laptop. Thank you for not breaking down yet and for giving me access to everything digital and for allowing me to participate in one of my favorite things to do – BLOGGING!!! *hugs lappytop*

7) NaNoWriMo. You are one of the best things about the literary world! Because of you, I self-published my first novel and fell in love with the rush of novel-writing [under pressure]. You brought out the best in me and my writing and made me discover dimensions of my creative side that I’d never known before. THANK YOU.

8) My beloved turtles. You two have definitely always been the best of pals to me no matter what! Thanks for the sleepless nights (of when you wouldn’t go to bed and I had to sing a lullaby to you) and the hibernation periods (when you refused to eat and freaked me out). Our bond shall never be broken!!!

9) The “backspace” button on Pavi and white-out. Without the magical wand of white-out and the special touch of Mr. Backspace, I would have wasted a lot of paper when it came to my college applications. It took me about 8 hours total to complete my entire app to the college that I’m attending now. So worth it. :3

10) You. Thank you so much for commenting, reading, following, stopping by. Because of you, I’ve kept this blog running and maintained my passion of writing and personal expression. Thanks for believing in me!

In honor of Thanksgiving, I’ve made a little thank-you card for you all!! =) Please enjoy.


**Turkey photo is from Google.

5 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!!! From Me, To You.”

  1. Amanda Sablan says:

    Love the card at the end. Hope you have the best Thanksgiving possible. ;O

    I know what you mean about Smartfood popcorn. It is the BEST. I can literally eat an entire package in one sitting. *blush* And I like turtles but I have no fond memories of the one my mother had. He hissed at me constantly… Anyway, great list!

  2. Are you gluten free?

    This is a lovely list. I hope you had a great day! (And found some great deals!)

    (Word verification: Zoing!)

  3. Talli Roland says:

    Happy happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for the card. I’d love to have some mac and cheese right about now – yum!

  4. Len says:

    Hi Red Angel! Sorry my greeting is a bit late – happy thanksgiving! I saw you over at Talli’s and now following! :)

  5. this was super sweet. thank you for having such a great blog!


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