30-Day Challenge 28: Re-Cap on 19th Birthday + Annual China Trip!

QOTD: How do you keep your email organized and de-cluttered?

Day 28: In this past month, what is something you have learned? Well, I learned that I can read a book really fast if I really want to and if I really need to. Honestly, I spent about four hours today reading the last fifty pages of Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert! I think that’s the most I’ve read in a day since Harry Potter #7 came out.

Thank you everybody for all the wonderful birthday wishes and sweet comments! :) I truly enjoyed participating the Favorite Book Challenge and reading everybody else’s entries. I have so much on my To Be Read List now it’s not even funny. Well maybe a little bit considering I am a very slow reader! Honestly…I read every page at least twice. Har, harr. Anybody else like that?

On a different note, I went to dinner at Olive Garden with my awesome family and one of my best friends. I got the Chicken Scampi and it was, um, nothing short of amazing. Seriously….it was so good I was too excited and impatient to take photos for you all. So if you ever go, get the Chicken Scampi. It’s basically heaven on a plate. TOTAL YUM.


Tomorrow, I will be in the lovely skies enjoying complimentary peanut snacks on a gigantic airplane with three rows of cushioned grey seats. Yes, my friends, it is time for my annual trip to China!!! Every year, my family and I fly all the way to China for some delicious dumplings and other oriental eats, distant traveling to various provinces around the country, and reunions with old friends and relatives. Assuming that Blogspot still works over there (unlike *sniff* Facebook), I’ll be documenting my lovely day-to-day experiences right here on TRA so I will be able to share with you all my journey! Isn’t this exciting? :)

Look forward to future posts on my trip to China!

2 responses to “30-Day Challenge 28: Re-Cap on 19th Birthday + Annual China Trip!”

  1. rosaria says:

    China? It’s a lucky month to be traveling to China. Enjoy the dumplings.

  2. Ed Pilolla says:

    have fun. looking forward to your posts from china.

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