The Joys of Writing

I actually wrote this list on Sunday, July 5, 2009 when I was bored and wanted to write something mainly for the sake of writing. I hope you find this inspirational, especially if you are a blogger with blogger’s block. ;]

Why Write?
#1: You can express yourself freely in whatever way you choose. No matter if you write a dramatic play, a tragic storyline of two lovers, a journal entry about your day, or a poem simply about Twinkies, every word that flows out from your mind is a part of you in some way. Expression, in every way, is powerful.

#2: With writing, you can inform, entertain, and satisfy. Journalists, newspaper reporters, bloggers, reviewers/critics, they all write to inform and persuade their viewers and readers. Their goal? To influence the world with their opinions and findings. And nearly everybody–except the most serious of writers–write to entertain, whether it be themselves, family members or other type of audience. And writers nearly always write to satisfy–who else, but themselves? For me personally, writing is an escapade from reality; MY way of satisfying boredom, anger, happiness and every other overwhelming emotion that tries to overcome me somehow.

#3: Discovery. One thinks one knows oneself until one steps back and writes free-flowing and suddenly stops and realizes that one has written something that, in another place and time, could have never come out from that particularly mind before. In other words, writing allows its practitioners to let themselves loose and surprise themselves–as well as others–with endless possibilities. Diaries allow reflection of the past and perhaps new revelations of understanding. A story is like a road trip: the writer knows the destination, but HOW the characters get there is totally up to the writer; the characters themselves may surprise the writer unexpectedly.

Hope you enjoy!

~The Red Angel


4 responses to “The Joys of Writing”

  1. wow Red Angel :] your point number three really stuck with me, because its so true!

  2. Indeed! I think that one sticks with a lot of people. :) Self-discovery is amazing!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog!What I would add to this list is to avoid insanity. That’s one joy for me. Expression so that I don’t bottle it all up inside and explode like…something that explodes (my vocabulary is a bit fuzzy). Other than that, I agree with all of the above!

    Happy Writings. :D

  4. writergirl says:

    That’s great. I have always loved writing, to discover what’s inside my mind.

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