Meet: The “Hope” Bompkin

Question of the Day: What did you do last summer? xD

So my Halloweekend was GREAT! Sort of… Michael and I hung out at my apartment, watching episodes of Smallville (of course), comparing favorite quotes, and eating chocolate upcakes. Yes, CUPCAKES. Mmmmm. The sad part of Halloween was that no kids came to knock on my door. Thus, we had TONS and tons of Candy (yes, Candy with a capital C) left over. We COULD’VE eaten it all…but we didn’t. ;) Instead, I passed the Candy around in Chinese class as a sort of post-Halloweeniness treat for everyone.

As for National Novel Writing Month, I am currently about 4,000 words behind. AKA Two Days Behind. This past week has been super hectic, mainly due to the fact that I have a new story assignment (1300 words minimum) to complete as the writer for my college’s features magazine. Ohh NaNoWriMo, you just HAD to be in November, didn’t you?

Well, it is just the first week. If you’re having troubles, such as writer’s block, arguments with your main character, or just a complete loss of steam all together, please don’t give up. Every word counts. Plus, the more you write down by the end of November, that’s one greater step up you’d be than you would’ve been if you hadn’t gone so far.

Just remember that there is still…H-O-P-E!!! =)

I painted this at my college’s Paint-A-Pumpkin event. I call it the “Hope” Bompkin. I painted it just for you NaNoers. <3


I added a rose for extra good luck. In a way, a novel is like a rose…as the flower begins to grow, it begins to develop thorns. However, the ending result is magificent. We are currently in those thorns right now, you and I. We are trying to surpass the greatest difficulties of writing a novel. But if we don’t give up and keep the will to win, our novel will bloom just like this flower. :D

The shining star of a NaNoer is the one person who always motivates that writer to keep going and never stop…to never look back or edit or second-guess what the writer has already written. The star always provides light where there is dark. My star is my friend Michael. Who is yours?

2 responses to “Meet: The “Hope” Bompkin”

  1. Emma says:

    Hi there!
    Cute blog you’ve got! Hope you had a good holloween! The pumpkin sure looks sweet!

    Wanna follow?

    Love from Stockholm.. xoxo!

  2. Talli Roland says:

    Aw, gorgeous little pumpkin thingy! :)

    My star, hm. I have a lot of people who encourage me, but my husband definitely gives me a big kick up the arse when I need it! Good luck with NaNo!

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