And the Roarin’ Twenties Chapter Critique Giveaway Winner is….

#DailyWings: “I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” -Galileo*

And the winner of the Roarin’ Twenties Chapter Critique Giveaway is… *drumroll please*

Far Away Eyes

as randomly chosen by the random generator: 

Congratulations, FAE! As promised, the chapter critique includes: a reading and critique of any one chapter of a manuscript OR a short story (page limit: 20 pages). The critique will include an in-depth review, copy editing, rating, and suggestions – either over email or a Skype call (!). Please email me at within the next five days to claim the giveaway.

Thanks to all the participants of the Roarin’ Twenties Poetry Blogfest and to those who entered the giveaway. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the other poem entries (some of them were published toward the end of the blogfest) and comment! As a reminder, every point equaled to one entry, and you were able to earn points by things like following TRA, tweeting about the blogfest, etc. There was a whopping total of 87 entries – woohoo! 

I am really glad I decided to host this blogfest, even if I did get the idea just eight days before I turned 20. It definitely made my birthday one of the best ever. Though I must say, these lovelies contributed: 

Just a few of my birthday gifts: books, a vintage Wonder Woman lunchbox and a summer dress. 
My birthday Tiramisu, one moment looking delicious and the next – poof! All gone. *sheepish smile* (It was that good)
Danny Lerman & Forecast play a little hot sax n’ cool jazz at the local Night Town club

Honestly, what could be better? What more could anyone ask for on their 20th birthday? I have gone to Ohio twice now, and I can tell you that the “City of Rock” is certainly lively. I can’t wait to go back.  

* * *

I have been given yet another blog award from Sydney Aaliyah.

Sydney is an active JuNoWriMo participant, a movie watcher, a tattoo lover, and a writer. She tweets and hosts JuNoWriMo Participant Interviews and blogs too, of course!  She is completely deserving of this award, and I feel honored to have been chosen as a recipient amongst her and so many other awesome, beautiful bloggers. Thanks so much, Sydney! Time for me to pass it on…

1) Kayeleen’s Creation Corner–I have only known Kayeleen for a short period of time, but she is proof that a person CAN be both a writer and a mom. Kudos to her for sticking with it, and for making time to blog as well.

2) Life 101–Rick is a writer and lives in the country. He blogs regularly about nature, writing and the little things that make life worthwhile. 

3) Deana Barnhart–This lady is an inspiration to writers and bloggers everywhere! Deana is a great person to get to know, and her blog is a joy to read. She recently just signed with her new literary agent – how awesome is that? Dreams really can come true! 

4) Ali Cross–Ali blogs about anything and everything on writing and is a prolific author. She wrote the YA adult Become, which you can buy on Amazon here. Seriously, y’all, this girl is the definition of ninja-ness. 

5) Mia Hayson–Honestly, I don’t think there is anybody who doesn’t know Mia, but in case you haven’t had the pleasure, Mia blogs over at My Literary Jam and Toast and is one of the most hilarious people I have ever met. She writes YA fiction as well, and loves anything that has to do with glitter and zombies. Mia also has a knack for creating entertaining graphics, I might add. 

6) Ruth Madison–Ruth is an advocate for disabilities awareness, something that I am also passionate about. She has written several books and recently just started her own book publishing company. I admire Ruth for taking a stand on the side of those of us who may be underestimated or misunderstood because of our personal health circumstances. 

7) 101 Bird Tales — Amelia is a beautiful artist and a beautiful thinker. If you start to follow her blog, you discover that within the first week of reading her posts. She ponders over thought-provoking questions about life, creativity, self-awareness and artistry.

Check out these beautiful bloggers…I promise you, your Google Reader will be just a bit longer and your day just a little bit better. 


*If you have any suggestions for #DailyWings quotes, tweet me!