My Trip to Washington, D.C.

Question of the Day: What would YOU like to say to President Obama if you met him on the street one day?

In addition, I also go to get some sightseeing done! I now realize that, as a citizen of the USA, a trip to Washington D.C. is completely wasted if you don’t spend time to get to know it, especially since it IS America’s capital and whatnot. ;]

But yeah, sorry my post on this trip is so late! Like I said, I am studying for AP exams, but luckily tomorrow I have my last one! :) Enjoy, hehe.

Up: Between the doors of our hotel and the actually lobby, the entrance had this beautiful electronic graphic thingy up on the wall. It’s basically an outlining of Washington’s streets and notable sights; it changed colors every few seconds which was REALLY cool! I wonder how it works. XD

Up: This is what our hotel looked like…it was really nice! There was free internet access at the main lobby, coffee shop, book store and sit-down reading area, private meeting rooms, and other neat services. I especially liked the waiting area in the middle of the lobby that was confined by several sticks (see?). I’m pretty sure they’re meant to look like pussy willows. I wish I’d taken another picture close up so I could compare them to the real plant!

Right: It was a beautiful day when I took this photo but a little too cloudy!! This is the Washington Memorial, named after our amazing first president, George Washington!

Unfortunately we didn’t get to go in because we were running out of time, but apparently you can go on an elevator all the way to the top and look down! =D I hope to go back and actually do that someday haha.

There were LOADS of tourists and visitors there, though, just taking pictures and staring in awe at this great monument. You MIGHT be able to see some of the people in the picture amidst the many American flags…?

Top: Lo! and behold, this is Capitol Hill! Thankfully we were able to take a full tour in this historical structure, and I actually learned A LOT! It was amazing being able to go in and see firsthand the place where real history has taken place and still takes place everyday! The greatest thing is that THE TOUR WAS FREE!! It’s great that the American government isn’t trying to suck our money through tourist sites and are allowing us to learn about our great country freely (literally)… xD I mean I guesss that shoud be obvious anyway but you never know what governments are up to these days. Haha I think I’ve been in AP Comparative Government too long!!

Left: This is what the inside of the Capitol Hill looks like, at the central core of all things. All around, there are magnificent paintings of important historical time periods with real gold frames as well as statues (created with different types of stone) of significant historical figures, including our presidents of course! I can’t remember which statue it was, but one of them had pieces of the Berlin wall at the bottom of the statue. Cool, eh?

Right: I think anybody could recognize this building anywhere!! Of course, it is The White House, where the First Lady and the President and his family lives. To be honest, it’s A LOT smaller than I thought it would be, but it was still an amazing sight to be able to see in real life! Needless to say we took a ton of pictures. You can’t really see it, but the flag that’s usually at the top of the building was halfway down that day as a sign of mourning for the loss of the Polish president, who died just a few days beforehand from that plane crash. And no, I did not meet President Obama. XD

Up: This was the Convention Center where the 101st Annual American Cancer Association Researching Meeting was held, as the huge banner you see up there (^^) indicates. All during the few days we were there, TONS and tons of people –graduate students, postdoctorates, and professors– came to the meeting to share their findings and learn about others’. It was AWESOME. And everybody was always dressed in a suit or something similar; even at nearby streets and hotels there were people with AACARM tags sporting shiny suits…they were everywhere! I think the Cancer Association people advertised their meeting very well. :3

Left: This was the “Poster Room,” where there were loads of bulletins, posters, demos, and tents where research was shared and freebies were given out! They gave out lots of cute stress balls (my favorite was one shaped like a sheep), sample science lab tools, handouts, ice cream, LOTS of candy, notebooks, and other really neat stuff. I basically pretended that I was a student, but didn’t dare to ask any real questions in case I sounded dumb. ;P I didn’t meet any new friends, but I learned a little bit more about the type of research that’s going on in the science world today and what products are used in the lab. AND I got some awesome free stuff!!

Right: This is one of about four or five works of art that were being hung from the ceilings of the convention center. If you can’t tell, the circle is made up of several guitars. They had many other similar sculptures (is that even the right word to call them?) that were made from tennis rackets and even canoe boats!! I just can’t imagine how many darn canoe boats, guitars, etc. were needed! Where did they get them from? How did they assemble them all together? Pretty innovative, huh?

I wish I could’ve taken more, especially of the neat experiment products and posters that I was able to see, but I don’t think we were allowed to take pictures. =/ But yeah, that was my D.C. trip!! I can’t wait to go back in the future. :) Have any of you been to Washington D.C. before? If so, what were your experiences like?


**All photos in this blog post were taken by me, (c) The Red Angel. By the way, sorry if the photos and text are positioned oddly; it’s hard uploading photos on Blogspot with this specific layout!

4 responses to “My Trip to Washington, D.C.”

  1. Ciara. says:

    I loove going to D.C.

    some of the photography you can catch in that city is captivating!

  2. Rupsa says:

    The pictures are great..and for someone so young like you to be interested in current affairs and travelling is really praiseworthy.. :)

  3. Rupsa says:

    well, I dint know how else to say this to you, so another comment :P prose is in no way inferior to poetry, and the way you have been writing is just great.. will definitely keep a track of your blog from now. so keep it up! and thanks for commenting :)

  4. Nia B says:

    I lived in the DC area for a few years during grade school. I love DC! Thanks for the photos. It brought back many memories. BTW…great blog. I definately will be back to visit.

    You are welcome to visit my blog anytime, and maybe you will become a follower too!

    Tc, Nia B
    Dubai’s It Girl

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