Lightyears Pocket Watch xoxo

QOTD: What is your favorite wearable accessory?

I grabbed some frozen yogurt on Franklin Street today with a dear friend of mine. I got red velvet cake flavor + Oreo flavor + chocolate chips. Yes, red velvet cake froyo! It actually wasn’t that bad…on the other hand, the froyo guy gave me way too many chocolate chips! I know you must be thinking, how is ‘too many chocolate chips’ even possible? Trust me, it’s possible! I feel compelled to create a funny analogy, but the thing is, I have nothing to compare a mountain of chocolate chip froyo to…

After froyo, we stopped by Lightyears, a cute jewelry shop that has every type of jewelry imaginable and some really quirky items too–like Lip Service Mustache Picks. My friend (shout-out to Jingyi! <3) got me this beautiful gold pocket watch necklace for my birthday (even though it’s still a month away!).

Pocket Watch Necklace
Lightyears Jewelry since 1985

Y’all, I am totally in love with this thing. Ever since I saw the Chelsea Doll pocket watch necklace at Fashion-Train a couple years ago, I’ve always wanted one. Isn’t it pretty? 
Okay, on another note: despite my lack of ROW80 Days blog posts, I promise I’ve been writing! I’ve even crossed off a couple of my goals for this round! I just haven’t had time to write about my progress due to recent family visits and summer classes. I will do my best to write a ROW80 post in time for Wednesday’s check-in. :)

What do you think would go nicely with this necklace? What is your favorite accessory?

2 responses to “Lightyears Pocket Watch xoxo”

  1. Oh wow! Lovely little necklace there. I’m thinking of what you can do with it. Glad you’re keeping up with your writing. I’m back to editing my mid-grade story. And yes, you can have too many chocolate chips.

  2. I was reading, then I got stuck at “red velvet cake”…


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