Chinese New Year Festival 2010

The Chinese New Year Festival of 2010 was amazing! At the beginning, I had some troubles with helping friends find the location and had to miss a bit of the show, but it went well otherwise. It got especially fun at the end when I was able to spend time with my family and friends together.

Let me break the festival down:

Who: Anybody was invited to attend
What: Chinese New Year Festival 2010, Year of the Tiger Celebration
Where: The local university’s medical school–Auditorium and Library
When: February 13, 2010 from 5pm to 8:30pm
The Cost: Tickets were $5 for grownups and $3 for children and seniors

Why: To celebrate the Chinese New Year, of course!
The Food: There was a large Chinese buffet (catered by local restaurants) with green beans, lo mein, spring rolls, egg-fried rice, chocolate cake, and much more!
The Performances: There were several traditional dances and songs performed by the local Chinese School teachers and young students, college students, various parents and volunteers. Many of the performances merged China’s culture and the concept of love together. For instance, one of the songs that a young man sang was a typical Chinese song that, according to the commentator, was what a man would sing right before he proposed to his lady love.

Up: These are important Chinese contributors/performers/supporters of the program! The man in the middle is the prinicipal of the local Chinese School. Others are the parents of children who currently attend the school and were asked or volunteered to participate.

Up: Adorable little kids perform various famous, classical Chinese songs. They were extremely talented and well-synchronized.

Top Left and Bottom: Young college and graduate students break-dance the Asian way. ;)

Top: Traditional Chinese dancing that is accompanying two of the best performing singers in the entire show.

Above: A lovely Chorus singing Chinese songs. The conductor in black is the same lady in the picture above who sang a duo. After each duo performed together, one of the young dancer girls who attends the local Chinese School brought a beautiful bouquet of flowers to the them. The Chorus and the rest of the show was amazing!!

Left: Traditional Chinese dances performed by some parents and volunteers. The second photo below is supposed to represent some sort of flower, I believe. It was all very well done!
Up, Center: Another traditional Chinese dance. I absolutely love the costumes that the performers used for the show! Absolutely beautiful and culturally stunning!

All in all, it was a great performance. Some of the commentary and timing of certain performances was sort of casual and not completely in line, but this was their first time having the performances being done on stage. They did a great job. I’m sure next year’s will be even better!

Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, everybody!!


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