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What’s Your Take on Creative Writing Classes?

QOTD: If you have ever taken a creative writing class (or any sort of writing class) before, what was your experience? If you have not taken a writing class, would you want to?

College students have an average of 12 different “What am I gonna do with my life?!” spasms per semester.* So far I’ve only had about two or three, which isn’t that many, comparatively. As class registration begins for next semester, however, I think there’s a fourth spasm that is beginning to boil just underneath the surface at the moment. 

Technically, I’m a Journalism and Psychology double major with a minor in Creative Writing – at the moment. (Fun fact: Most college kids change their majors around three to four timess**). I say “at the moment” because…wait, for it………I think I may be dropping my Creative Writing minor. 

*gasp* I know, I know…I have been wanting to take Creative Writing courses for the longest time. It hasn’t helped that I have tried twice to enroll into our Intro to Fiction class…and then failed both times. Now, all of a sudden I’m second-guessing this long-term desire of mine. (Talk about drastic life-changing decisions, right?)

The thing is, I’m starting to question my previous motives for wanting to take a Creative Writing course. Is it critique? Is it praise? Is it the desire for my writing to be shredded into pieces? Is it a community of literary students in which we can all mutually give advice on our work? Is it a professor who will teach me how to write creatively?