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Stay WARM and Stay ACTIVE….with a Shuttlecock!

Question of the Day: If you had to choose, would you rather deal with really hot or really cold weather?

I’d just like to answer my own QOTD for a moment and make a case as to why I’d rather deal with really cold weather. Well, personally I get nauseous in the heat and just like cool weather in general. My practical argument is the fact that you can always put on more clothes if you’re cold. When you’re in the sweltering heat, though, you can’t just…like, peel off your skin. :/

Aaaanyway. On to today’s post! x)

In China, when the youth got cold during the wintertime they would do anything they could to work out, exercise, move their body. Stay active. One of the most popular sports that they would play was with the shuttlecock, or as the Chinese call it, the jianzi.
You can buy one for yourself HERE or you can make your own!