Summer 2010 Has Begun! + College Orientation

Question of the Day: What’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on? What made it so awesome?

I haven’t updated recently because I’ve been studying my tush off for the SAT Subject Test: Math Level 2. It’s been difficult since AP Exams are over and everybody has been getting ready for the summer…and I’ve been at school reviewing my flashcards with the volume of a Pyramid and trigonometry identities. But alas–it’s over!! After studying and stressing for so long, the end of the test came as quite a shock. I came over and realized…wow, I can finally start reading Self magazine again. I can finish reading The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot and then begin a new novel. I can play chess again during my spare time. Yay!

It has become clear to me that waiting and anticipating an event that has yet to come seems more exciting and stimulating than when the event actually happens. This is usually because once the event happens, it is nearly over…and the magic of it all dissipates and there is one less event to look forward to.

This is how I feel about Orientation. After months of waiting for Orientation, which is where I’ll get to meet my other 2014 classmates and pick out my first semester classes, tomorrow is finally the day! It’s like…it’s finally occured to me that all that waiting is over, as if those days literally whooshed by. And the future is literally at my doorstep. Now, after all the restless walking back and forth, it is time for me to make decisions that will affect the next four years of my life. Why is it that I am feeling frightened and small rather than liberated and enthusiastic? Half of me is genuinely excited about being able to put my feet forward towards the next journey in life, and the other half of me is rather sad because my childhood is pretty much gone and the magic of anticipation is drawing to a close.

Pardon for this rather personal entry. Wish me luck for the next two days…and I PROMISE there will be a Character Profile up when I get back! (and a Cooking post)


3 responses to “Summer 2010 Has Begun! + College Orientation”

  1. Amanda Sablan says:

    Ugh, math. My worst subject. D:

    Unfortunately, anticipation is always better than actually arriving somewhere. I’m equally excited yet anxious for college and then life afterward, but everything will turn out fine. Oodles of luck!

    My best vacation was last summer when I went to the beach for the first time since I was five. And man, did I love it! I was sad to leave Florida behind.

  2. i hope you do great:)

  3. i know exactly what you mean about the anticipation being more fun than the event some times because the event never lasts long enough.

    i’ve had some fun vacays, especially when i went to europe for my honeymoon. i just want to vacation again and again!

    i remember when i had to take SAT stuff. oh, so glad that’s over. how was orientation? hope you’re still very excited about the upcoming semester.

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