My New Favorite Saying, Loving the World, Sneak Peek.

Bliggity Blog- simply another word for blog.

I discovered this word while reading the latest blog post on 350 Lights by M.M. and it made me giggle just reading the word in my mind. Then, when I tried to say it out loud, the alliteration made me fall into peals of laughter.

It’s amazing what the little things in life can do to make you feel absolutely j o y f u l* in just one day. I love that feeling I get when something totally unexpected can make me feel sooo happy all of a sudden…it’s like an early birthday present! :)
These are other situations that have made me want to embrace the world and hug it and thank it for being so awesome:

1) Singing along to Thunder by Boys Like Girls as it blasts on Youtube with my sister

2) Having my AP Calculus teacher stop the day’s lesson just so he can tell us about someone who actually sold a famous celebrity’s air guitar on EBay for a ridiculous amount of money….laughter is the best medicine!

3) Completing my very first real Japanese anime drawing and realizing that it actually does not suck. Not at all. In fact, it’s relatively decent!

4) Finding out that one of my best friends (who lives out of town) has created a special blog specifically for me and her to write to each other with day by day! Much better than regular old email, I believe. :)

5) Having a monstrous test postponed until a later date!

6) Finishing the first part of my very first novel, feeling guilty because it was almost midnight and I had school the next day, and then realizing the last word I’d typed in my novel was “judgment.”

7) Watching my adorable cousin imitating scenes and songs from Happy Feet perfectly. He himself is a cartoon character!

8) Finding new followers and comments on my blog! Every time that I have seen (1) underneath a blog entry, my heart skips a few beats and a wide smile breaks across my face like sunshine when I realize that there are people out there who are interested in what I have to say. It makes me want to sing!

9) Having my good friend come up to me yesterday and hug me fiercely before telling me that I was awesome and that she is glad I am her friend. How amazing is that?

10) Doing random acts of kindnessfor other people and seeing them light up with a glow of happiness.

What are some things that have instilled happiness and content within your hearts and filled your mind with love for the world and love for life in general? Feel free to comment and share! =)

Here are upcoming blog topics that I will be touching base with this weekend:
-my favorite quotes, sayings, and little funnies, transferred from my very own personal Quotes Book.
-a letter to singles
-the magic of Valentine’s Day that people don’t seem to be feeling anymore these days
-texting while driving

Stay tuned!


*Inspired by 350 Lights

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