“Mouse Loves Rice”

So basically this is my favorite Youtube video ever. I am not a big fan of anime and manga, but “Mouse Loves Rice” is the sweetest video ever, featuring various scenes from famous anime shows depicting love between characters. English subtitles are provided in the video, but the song is sung in Mandarin Chinese.

I heard this song for the first time at it last year’s local Chinese New Year Festival 2009. An American man sang this song by himself in Chinese while playing it on the guitar. He dedicated the song to his Chinese wife and provided Chinese and English lyrics on an overhead Powerpoint. I thought it was a really cute and touching Chinese New Year gift and festival performance. =)
Watching this video always makes me feel happy and cozy inside…every time I view it, I get this urge to hug everybody I love and tell them they rock!! Hope this video makes your day!

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