Love yourself. Be beautiful the way only you know how.

I’m glad I’m not blonde, tan, stick-skinny, brunette, caked with makeup, freckled, or Barbie.I don’t understand why so many girls obsess over appearance and wish to look like those plastic-looking models on Project Runway. 

Truth is, confident girls get the best guys. Real girls get the best guys. I’d rather look natural and wait for the right boy to love me for everything that I am than look like a model and have men falling for my body and not for me. 

You were born with your own looks – why make life miserable by trying to be something you’re not? I’m short, Asian and skinny. I never wear makeup. Flat nose and one small freckle under one eye. Dimples. That’s the kind of beautiful that I am. 

What’s your kind of beautiful? What do you love about yourself?

Finishing up finals tomorrow! Will return to my regular blogging schedule this weekend.

5 responses to “Love yourself. Be beautiful the way only you know how.”

  1. Myne Whitman says:

    Great post! I try to love me just the way I am too :)

  2. love it! i would rather look natural too. great post.

  3. Great post. My meditation instructor constantly advises that we should look in the mirror and say that we love ourselves the way we are.

  4. sonia says:

    Terrific blog! This is a wonderful post.

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