Happy Veterans 2011: “It’s the Little Things That Really Mean Big”

QOTD: It’s November 11, 2011! Did you wish for anything at 11:11?

Before anything else, I just want to congratulate the UNC Tar Heels for their AWESOME win against MSU (67-55). I’m usually not a Sports fan but when it comes to UNC (and especially when it comes to UNC basketball) I get kind of excited :) Even better, we won on an aircraft carrier! Woohoo! #heelsonaboat

Speaking of aircraft carriers, Happy Veterans Day! Thank you so much to all of those who have died, fought and risked everything to protect the lives of American people. We appreciate everything you do for our country, and I can’t imagine the amount of courage it takes to do what you do. Thank you.


Today, the Red Cross sponsored an event at my school that involved having students create greeting cards for our troops overseas. I stopped by the Pit (the heart of our school–both geographically and symbolically!) earlier this afternoon and, after noticing the group’s booth, wrote a greeting card. Something about this particular event really warmed something inside of me. I don’t know if that’s what compelled me — but I asked if I could help, and ended up spending an hour in the Pit and various school centers nearby asking fellow students if they’d like to write greeting cards as well. 

I was so surprised and taken aback by how many students actually said “Sorry, I don’t have time…I, uh, have class soon” or just simply said “No thanks.” 

Sometimes, I wish people would just stop what they are doing and think about what they could do to make others happy—not to make themselves feel good or to put that act of service on their resume, but for the sake of genuinely wanting to make someone else smile. 

I mean, I didn’t even tell the other “official volunteers” my name in the end—but I didn’t care. “Getting credit” wasn’t my mission at all. The only thing on my mind was the fact that people like these men here are fighting every day for us and may not even be at home for Christmas to be with their families. It takes three minutes to write a greeting card of warm wishes and thank-yous. It’s the least we can do. And in my opinion, it’s a collection of little things like this that can really make a difference. (Agh…sorry for being a huge cheese ball tonight!)

I mean, I’m not saying that I don’t get hurried some days and forget to slow life down for a few moments and think about what I should be thankful for, because I do. I guess I just feel very strongly about this because I associate serving in the military with making sacrifices for others. What greater sacrifice is there to give than risking your time, energy and life to help protect another?

I do have wonderful news, though. At the end of my “shift”, we’d collected 50 greeting cards written by students from all over campus. YAY! Thanks you guys. <3 Whoever picks up your card somewhere in the world, I know he/she is going to love it. Once again, Happy Veterans Day! 

Oh, and one more thing: 


NaNoWriMo Word Count: 9,152 (still behind, but hey I’m making progress…sorta…)

5 responses to “Happy Veterans 2011: “It’s the Little Things That Really Mean Big””

  1. Talli Roland says:

    Fifty cards! That’s fantastic! You’re so right – people should slow down and take time for something that won’t mean so much to them, maybe, but will mean loads to other people.

  2. Lydia Kang says:

    Happy Veterans Day! We owe so much to these people. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. amy b.s. says:

    that aircraft carrier game was so cool.

  4. i like what the Red Cross did at your school–that’s great. and congrats on your word count progress!

  5. M Pax says:

    It amazes me what people don’t have time for. It’s the little things like that, which matter. I agree, making someone else happy is the best gift to give & it usually only requires a little time.

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