Breast Cancer Awareness Month: to all the female fighters of the world…

Every tear you drop squeezes a cup uh blood outa mah heart.
Their Eyes Were Watching God

Over 200,000 cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed this year.
About 40,000 female deaths will occur due to breast cancer.
For every woman who is diagnosed with this disease, every person in that woman’s life–spouse, children, siblings, parents–is also affected.

Courage is not without the absence of fear. — Ambrose Redmoon

In 2009, my good friend was informed that she had breast cancer.
For over a year, she had to undergo chemotherapy, radiation, hair loss, and much more.
She read the Bible, said her prayers every night, and always remembered to smile.
It was like whistling in the dark, except more painful.
Through it all, she survived and her connection with God became stronger than ever.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

–Robert Collier

Today, I signed the Breast Cancer Bill of Rights petition
It wasn’t something big, but it was something.
I felt like I made a little piece of difference.
If everyone gave in a little piece of difference,
We would a huge step closer to overcoming Breast Cancer.
Donate, buy products that send a percentage of profits to breast cancer funds, participate in races, sign petitions, wear pink.
Together, we can all do a little something,
something to raise breast cancer awareness.
Let us never waiver or stop.
To all the victims who had the strength to overcome,
it is you who inspire us to keep on fighting.


*Statistics come from American Breast Cancer Society.