Are You There, Audience? It’s Me, The Red Angel.

Hi everybody. My mind tends to wander around a lot. I often burst out into peals of laughter during random moments and I end up getting odd looks. Comfort foods include macaroni and cheese, Smartfood popcorn (White Cheddar), and potatoes. I’m a journalist.

I am a daughter, a sister, a lover, and a best friend.

My greatest fear is death. While the entire world is turning, I frantically wish for it to be turning the opposite direction. Having come too close with death’s embracing arms quite a few times, I have come to truly understand how valuable life is. Just imagining what it is like to truly be dead–no ability to move or even think–makes my face go white and my entire body shiver.

But I’m not really here to talk to you about the despondent characteristics of death. Quite the contrary, actually. I do have a purpose in creating this blog, though it is as hard to explain as it is for me to, say, bake lasagna. Now, I’m not exactly a good cook, so by my standards that’s pretty hard. Even I’m sort of unsure as to what my goals are…I suppose I’d like to share my knowledge and thoughts with the world through the experiences that I have had. My lifelong goal, in fact, is to use my writing to make the world a better place where people accept each other’s differences. Carpe diem. Live life to the fullest. Love. That’s the theme of this blog.

I’m thinking that this blog just may be a big step towards that ambition.

I thoroughly enjoy comments and other feedback. Follow me, if you wish. I take criticism pretty well and do my best to learn from my mistakes. This is not my first blog, but it is my first publicly-displayed blog. I am pretty excited about sharing my thoughts with you. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy blogging. =]

Oh yeah, and let me introduce myself. Hello there, you can call me The Red Angel.

One response to “Are You There, Audience? It’s Me, The Red Angel.”

  1. writergirl says:

    Hey nice too meet you. I day dream a lot, too. During the school days, while sitting down doing my homework, I would remember something and laugh, people around me were like “what’s so funny?!”

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