A Look Inside My Subconscious

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In my last post, I reviewed “Inception,” one of the biggest must-see hit films of 2010. My previous Question of the Day was: Are you a heavy dreamer? Do you ever know when you are dreaming or not? Do those dreams ever come back to you in the morning? Some of you said that you often do not remember your dreams in the morning, while others of you said your dreams can get pretty intense sometimes.

And what about me? I suppose one of the reasons why “Inception” sticks with me so well and really made an impact on me is the fact that I also have very vivid dreams. There are times when the Dream World I’m trapped in is so animated and detailed that I believed the dream to be true. During my most dynamic and dramatic ones, my mind is very active and I am still thinking while dreaming…it almost feels like I AM awake, yet I cannot actually wake myself up.

Dreams have always fascinated me, and I really believe that they tell us so much more about ourselves than we realize when we’re awake, and if we choose to let them, our dreams can help us understand ourselves, how we think, and our innermost thoughts and feelings that we repress so deeply inside.

A-hem. Sorry to get all Freudian on you today. I’d like to share with you a few of the most bizarre dreams that I have ever had in my life. None of them are made up at all…which is definitely hard to believe once you read them. Take a peek…

On a scale from odd to wild to bizarre to insane:

#4) I don’t know what I’m standing on. All I know is that there is a surface below me. But the longer time I look down, the farther away the bottom surface seems to be. I keep my eyes locked on that surface below, willing for it to come closer to my feet. But I look down so much that eventually I begin to fall, fall, fall. My heart leaps into my mouth, and I wait to hit the bottom, the surface I’d stared at for so long. But it never comes. I just keep falling.

This probably has to do with the fact that I am deathly afraid of heights and hate the feeling that I’m going to fall. But maybe these heights stand for something else, another more abstract fear…perhaps I am scared of not being in control? Maybe.

#3) It is night time. I am pacing along the streets of the neighborhood I grew up in, the one in Boston, MA. My breath quickens, and somehow I know I am running away from someone. Something. No, multiple things. I hide behind and between tall trees that had once been my refuge as a child, and every time I look back I can see Disney villain cartoon characters (again, I’m not joking; I dreamt this) pursuing me. I dodge them for a good while, getting even more scared by the minute because these bad guys look like they mean business. Finally, I trespass into a run-down apartment building. It is all dark. Suddenly, the lights flicker and a disco ball appears. One by one, the villians–Jafar and Cruella De Vil most memorable–come in, pick up glasses filled with punch, and begin to party. The entire chase was a joke.

To be honest, I have no idea what to think about this dream. I do not fear Disney characters because they are not real, and when something is chasing me I usually take it very seriously, it’s not a joke at all. So what can you make out of it?

#2) Somehow I was lost or running away or something of that nature, and in the dream I discover what seems like a whole new civilization. The culture is similar to Indian culture in that the citizens are all brown-skinned and wear paint over their bodies, which are only partly clothed. But what’s amazing is that it includes a completely new population living in a sort of utopia. They have all sorts of colors and foods never used before by mankind, but they’re all beautiful and delicious. The citizens welcome me into their civilization with open arms and I started to live like them, with them. I discover that they never get sick, develop diseases, or are born with disorders. Something in the way they live keeps them extremely healthy. The civilization is small though, and most of them live in small tribes with teepee-like homes. They do not have school systems or anything remotely complicated like what we have in the real world; instead, everyone lives in a small, close-knit community where all the children learn together in one place. Everyone works together, there is no disease, famine, or war.

I don’t remember much of this dream anymore, as you can tell from the lack of detail, but I do remember it really felt real and I almost wished I didn’t wake up. When I first came to, it was SO vivid all the images almost left me instantly because there was so much.

And the “Most Insane Dream Ever” Goes To…

#1) My sister and I are travelling through a mansion, a gigantic house full of different corridors, parlors, closets, and hallways. It’s almost like a maze. It seems as though the house is deserted, for there is nobody else but us. We are trying to find a way out. My sister and I constantly run to and fro throughout the house, trying to find the door to lead us outside and free. The house is a mansion, and it is beautiful. Finally, we find a staircase and quickly start taking steps up and up and up. As we zoom past with every level of stairs, I glance around briefly and different rooms pop up. One of the most distinct ones I remember is a dining hall, but there was kitchenware and silverware and a magnificent feast already in place, waiting, it seems. It almost seems like one of those doll houses I used to set up when I was younger. I wonder where the owners of this house are. With every level, up we go, an earthquake begins. The higher we go up, the more intense the earthquake becomes. We become more frantic, more desperate of finding a way out. The climax of the dream is reached when I realize the truth: we’re trapped in a house, a doll house to be exact, and my sister and I are the owners of this mansion. We are the dolls.
If there was ever a horror dream to make you scream in the middle of the night, this was it. Now I didn’t scream bloody murder, but I remember waking up and being extremely sweaty and forgetting where I was. It literally took me at least five seconds to realize I was at home and that my dream hadn’t been real.

A couple of these bizarre “subconscious adventures” happen to deal with being chased. In fact, in over 50% of my dreams, I am being chased by something or someone. Hmm, I wonder what my subconscious is trying to tell me.

At what point does a dream become an all-out nightmare? What is the most bizarre “subconscious adventure” you ever had? If you give me enough information, I will try to interpret it for you. =)

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5 responses to “A Look Inside My Subconscious”

  1. Kara Hoag says:

    Maybe the Disney villains represent some childhood fears.

    visions unto myself

  2. Talli Roland says:

    Gosh, you do have some bizarre dream, don’t you? What are you eating before you go to bed? :)

  3. Lydia K says:

    I have pretty weird dreams. It’s cool, like having another exciting (albeit weird) life at night, risk free!

  4. WritingNut says:

    Hehe.. I have some pretty vivid, and often strange dreams too.

    You know the ones that are the worst? The ones where you have a really bad dream, and you “think” you’ve woken up, but you’ve really only woken up IN the dream itself?

    I always have this huge sense of relief that turns to panic when I think it’s still all real! Then I actually wake up, and it’s all good.. haha.

    Weird, right?

  5. Nahno McLein says:

    Crazy, I guess that’s what my dreams are like.
    I used to keep a journal to remember them better and use them for my writing. Now I started this again. It’s amazing what you learn to remember.

    Once I had a lucid dream, that was awesome. It was too weird (I’m in the middle of the test, but in reality (awake) I was already in summer break. That’s the only time I knew I was dreaming. Unfortunately, I woke up from the nightmare right then.

    Great post (though very long ^^)
    Nahno ∗ McLein

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